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Good Day is Margriet Straatman – or Mags for short – an illustrator who designs and hand-produces sustainable bags and gifts in her London workshop. Mags' designs are inspired by the loves and passions from her life, from children's books, to farm life and her dachshund Percy.

Unique hand-made bags and gifts

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All products are practical, sustainable and one of a kind.

All products are made of 100% organic fabrics and natural dyes and inks to ensure they don't harm the environment. They are hand-printed, meaning every illustration, and every product is unique.


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"I use this bag all the time. The tiny mushrooms are super cute! Such a lovely bag."

– ishanewmn on Etsy

"Thank you! The printing is great and I can’t wait to see the look on my aunts face when she sees this tribute to her favorite pup!"

– Lynn on Etsy

"Very pretty, will serve for my future baby!"

– elody13 on Etsy

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